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Golf Shoes Etiquette

Golf shoes are an important part of the equipment required for successfully playing the game of golf. However, since golf is a game of virtues; it is important that the etiquette is followed while selecting the right pair of shoes for playing golf. The game of golf has a certain golf etiquette that must be followed so as to take care of other golfers on the golf course, the game itself, and the course on which the game is being played. The golf etiquette involves keeping the course maintained, avoiding damaging the floor, and showing respect for the golf course grounds. While wearing shoes when you are heading toward the golf course, it must be considered that the shoes do not go against the dress code and the golf etiquette.

Golf Shoes Basics

Golf shoes provide the comfort, balance, support, and movement required for the game. They generally have special soles and plastic spikes for providing traction at the ground. Some golf shoes have metal spikes but golfers should generally avoid them as they could be damaging for the turf. As compared to sneakers, golf shoes provide better arch support and are lighter. Golf shoes must always be worn with socks so as to ensure the proper fit. Golf shoes are available in plastic, leather and suede and are particularly made for men, women, and junior golfers. Looking to buy golf shoes for kids, check out Golf Equipment and purchase top rated shoes and golf stuff.

Shoes for the Clubhouse

It is a good idea to have an extra pair of street shoes when playing at a high-end public course or at a country club. Those shoes could be worn when you are going to the club pro shop or restaurant as they would not scratch the floor like most golf shoes do. In this regards, it is important that you should change the golf shoes in the locker room rather than the car in the parking area as it is against the golf etiquette.

Matching Golf Shoes with the Apparel

Proper apparel should be complemented with the golf shoes worn at the course. While putting on the right golf shoes, try matching it with golf pant or golf shirt. If you are wearing long pants, match the socks with the pants. In case, you are wearing white shoes, pair them with light-colored socks. On the other hand, if you are wearing black shoes, match them with black socks.
This highlights the importance of golf shoes for the game and the golfer’s score. So have you bought the right golf shoe yet or not? If not you can find golf shoes for men here.


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